Photo page from Queen Salote College Cultural Evening

A Cultural Evening at the Queen Salote College Hall in appreciation of the former Staff.

Copyright Taimi Media Network/Photos by Telesia Adams

A solo tau'olunga by Sela Maria 'Ahio the Head Prefect.



'Otuhaka perform by the Form 3 students

Parents during the students cultural evening

Faha'iula perform by Form 6 students

Form 6 students performing the Faha'iula

Form 4 students performing the Tau'olunga Hiko (Juggling Dance)

Juggling Dance

Students ready to play the 'Lau Māhina Fakatonga'

Group Tau'olunga perform by Form 5 students

Form 3 students performing the 'Otuhaka

Form 2 students ready to perform the sōkē

Form 7 student (Lau māhina fakatonga)

Lau māhina fakatonga

Salome Kaliopeta Tupou form 5 student participate in the drama (Lau māhina fakatonga)

Group Dancing Fifth form

Guest of Honor Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Nanasipau'u Tuku'aho

Performing a drama (story of 'Aho'eitu)


Lau māhina fakatonga

Ex-students at the Cultural Evening