“Demo Party” win landslide victory in first democratic government

The Friendly Islands Democratic Party has landed an incredible runaway victory in the kingdom’s first democratic election of its government.

Of the 17 popular elected seats of Parliament, nominations from the FIDP won 12 of them making them the biggest voting bloc in the House.

Uliti Uata won his electorate with the most proportion of votes with a stunning 70% of the votes cast for him, while party leader Akilisi won his electorate with an easy 64%.

The average winning percentage was 38%, under the first-past-the-post electoral system. That also means, that there were more wasted votes than that useful.

Two of the remaining five “independent” winners are known to have FIDP leanings, namely Aisake Eke and Viliami Uasike Latu, the former Secretary of Finance and former Chief Clerk of the House respectively.

They were originally named in the party nominations but stepped down to run freely.

Eke ran from Tongatapu 5(Central-West Tongatapu), and Viliami Latu ran from Vava‘u 16.

The other “independent” members are Samiu Vaipulu, who has been Minister for Justice, and Lisiate Akolo, Minister of Labour and Commerce, and Sunia Fili.

So far they haven’t politically aligned with Akilisi or the Demo movement, except Sunia who was party member and was nominated but was dropped.

As the party said in their publication the Kele‘a, Sunia “deviated” from the party principles and “MOU”, so was dropped along with Uliti Uata.

Uata has return to the party ranks, while Sunia remains outside.

But Party leader Akilisi says it’s not a problem roping in the rest of the independents.

“I think it will be easy,” he said.

The elected members look to make nominations for Prime Minister next Monday, after the King has appointed an Interim Speaker to conduct pre-Parliamentary matters.

Akilisi says that as by convention, political parties usually choose their leader to be Prime Minister.

“We wont be different in this case,” he said, “and I believe whoever the party believes should be Prime Minister, is ready to be Prime Minister.”

He has said to foreign news media that he wants to be Prime Minister.

Sunia Fili has said the reason why Akilisi formed the party is to consolidate his position and become Prime Minister.

By Tevita Motulalo