Tonga High School celebrates 64th anniversary

ON Saturday 4th of June Tonga High School students and ex-students celebrates their 64th anniversary at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall.

Guest of Honor was the Minister of Education Hon. Dr. ‘Ana Taufe’ulungaki who’s also an ex-student.

The day was marked with a morning sermon that was conducted by Rev. Tevita ‘Ofahulu, before the current students of Tonga High School perform Tongan dances.

Performance from the Rugby Team

Guest of Honor Minister of Education Dr. 'Ana Taufe'ulungaki, Rev. Tevita 'OFahulu, Tuna Fielakepa, Manu 'Akau'ola, Makisi Finau and Tapu Panuve standing on the right who is the new President of the Ex-Students

Form 7 students getting ready for their talent show

Form 4 students after performing their class dance

Form 6 male students who performed the Mako with their teacher who was also the 'punake'

Form 1 students entertain the crowd

Students after performing

Group tau'olunga by Form 5 students

The 'Milolua' performed by Form 1 students

Form 4 students performed Polynesian dance

Form 7 students after performing the ma'ulu'ulu

Form 4 students about to perform a Hawaiian Hula

Form 7 students performing the 'Sāsā'

Form 2 'ma'ulu'ulu

A solo dance from one of the students


‘Oto’ota one of the ‘punake’ and teacher of Tonga High School and students from his class.

- Photos by Melemanu Fiu Copyright Taimi Media Network