Tonga re-erects navigational beacon on Teleki Tokelau

Tongan Navy Soldiers re-erecting the Navigational Beacon at Teleki Tokelau

The Tongan Government is standing firm on its claim to Teleki Tonga and Teleki Tokelau, having successfully re-erected a navigational beacon on Teleki Tokelau last week.

“With regard to the dispute between the Fijian military junta and the Kingdom of Tonga on the issue of sovereignty over Teleki Tonga and Teleki Tokelau, there is ample provision under International law for the settlement of disputes between civilized societies,” stated Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet, Busby Kautoke this morning.

“The Government of Tonga’s immediate concern is motivated by the real danger to international shipping by the destruction of navigational beacons, albeit by an act of vandalism, placed there by the Tongan authorities and duly marked on the charts.”

Mr Kautoke added that to this end, the Government of Tonga has re-established the navigational beacon at Teleki Tokelau on Thursday, 9th June 2011.

In fulfilling its international maritime obligations, the Government has duly notified the regional authorities and the International Maritime Organisation of the coordinate details of the beacon as 230 39′.83 S, 1780 55′.67 W; Characteristics: White light Fl(2)10s8M.

“This operation was done in order that persons traversing Teleki Tokelau may travel safely and without impediment.

“We can confirm that the navigational beacon at Teleki Tokelau is fully operational and functioning,” he said.

Work is in progress for the reconstruction of the second navigational beacon at Teleki Tonga, which was also destroyed by the Fijian military junta.

- Press Release from the Prime Ministers Office