Sonasi Sevens 2012 Tournament

The E.M. Jones Group is proud to announce a new event on the rugby calendar, the Sonasi Sevens 2012 Tournament. The tournament will be held on the 14th and 15th of December annually at Teufaiva stadium.

The Sonasi Sevens tournament is designed to attract the best of the best rugby talent we have in Tonga  and whom will compete for prize pools of $2000 for 3rd place, $3000 for 2nd place and $8,500 for 1st place and Sonasi Sevens champions. It is restricted to 20 teams only and open to all that wish to register.

In addition to the monetary prizes teams will also be competing for the Eleanor May Cup which will be presented to the tournament champions annually.

The name of the cup “Eleanor May” has been chosen to pay respect to the founder of the E.M. Jones or Sonasi Group of Companies.  Eleanor May Foundered the company over 101 years ago beginning the long legacy of tradition and pride within the business and community.

The Sonasi Sevens tournament has also been designed to provide a tournament whereby our rugby talent can be showcased to talent scouts from New Zealand over two days. Scouts will be able to use the event to identify potential players of interest whom they may want their development followed through the 15 a side season with prospects of possibly being picked up by New Zealand Clubs.

Whilst the rugby that will be on show in the Sonasi Sevens tournament will make for great entertainment, there will be additional promotions on the day with spot prizes being offered for ticket holders amongst a great deal more and will promise to be the rugby event of the year.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 23rd November and will available from any of the E.M. Jones Group stores or for more information please contact ph# 27994, menu selection 1.