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ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES COMMISSION ACT 2010 Section 19A(3) ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES COMMISSION Notice of Objections to the Proposed Electoral Boundaries Report 2013

  The Electoral Boundaries Commissioners give notice that the time for submitting Written Objections in relation to the Proposed Electoral Boundaries Report 2013 closed on 8th January 2014.  At the same time, the public is invited to submit Written Counter-Objections which shall close on 7 February 2014. The Commission received… Read More

Education reform in Tonga

Kalafi Moala reflects on why Tonga’s education reform still lacks a satisfactory outcome For many Pacific nations, education is regarded as the key foundation stone of building a peaceful, productive, and prosperous society. Words such as ‘education is the pathway to the future’ resound rather philosophically from one island nation… Read More

Kaliopasi Veatupu

Lava lelei Sivi Fakapule’anga ngaahi Kolisí

  Kuo lava lelei e sivi faka-Pule’anga ‘a e ngaahi kalasi form 5, 6 mo e 7 ‘o e ngaahi Kolisi kotoa ‘i Tonga ni ‘i he ‘aho ni, ‘aho Falaite 15 ‘o Nōvema 2013. Fakatatau ki ha fakamatala mei he va’a sivi ‘a e Pule’angá, na’e kamata fakataha kotoa… Read More

Lamentations from the Pacific

  Kalafi Moala  A cry is being heard from almost every corner of the Pacific; a cry against injustice, a cry against the harsh hand that has been dealt against us in the centuries old deliberate attempt by the powerful West and their allies to shape us and our social… Read More

Why the “Pacific Island nation” in Aotearoa should be given special attention?

  Kalafi Moala IN all the conversations taking place in the Pacific region today, there is one that is often ignored simply because it is under a “long white cloud” – Aotearoa. This conversation is about the “Pacific nation” that is in the country of New Zealand, and the issues… Read More

Ola ngaue fefine Tonga ki he‘ene faka‘amu´

Ola ngaue fefine Tonga ki he‘ene faka‘amu´

    Mikaela Vaka Kuo ola ‘a e ngaue mo e feinga ‘a e fefine Tonga ka na‘e fanau‘i ‘i Alaska, ‘Amelika ko Kato Ha‘unga ki he‘ene faka‘ amu mo ‘ene visone ke fokotu‘u ha Laipeli fakafonua ‘I Tonga ni´ ‘i he ‘amanaki ke huufi ‘a e taha ‘o e… Read More